A 10-Point Plan for Games (Without Being Overwhelmed)

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6 Funny Group Games Adults can Enjoy

Isn’t today your birthday?

You usually let this day slip by, as if it was just one of those ordinary days. On the other hand, if you listened to your inner self, you’d know that you’re really as excited to celebrate your birthday as you did when you were still a child. You may no longer be a 10-year-old, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an exciting birthday party. The dilemma is, you cannot plan an adult party with games that are intended for children, as this may not go well with your guests. But, here are 6 great ideas here for you. Who ever said adults cannot have a blast with group games?

Below are 6 wild fun game suggestions to get started!

1. Board Games

Board games like The Game of Life and Clue probably seems outdated and old, but there is a lot of present day versions to pick from. Search for a modern twist on some old classic; otherwise choose something entirely new. There is definitely something for you out, you only need to check it out.

2. Create a Mummy

Certainly, there are other games you can set up out of the available stuff around your home. Take out a roll of toilet tissue and ask a couple of your friends who are eager to become mummies, which is all it takes, to have a blast. Group them separately and then supply each group with a roll of toilet tissue. Whichever team can first successfully produce their mummy, using all their roll of toilet paper is the champion!

3. Stalking with Stickers

Occasionally, it’s exciting to execute ongoing games during the party that people can join in while they are socializing. You can do this by having each one track the others with stickers. Distribute the stickers equally among your guests. Acting as they would while mingling, they should be able to covertly fix the stickers on others.

The first person who legitimately runs out of stickers wins!

4. Stuff That…

This one goes well for groups of friends who know one another really well. Or not really, but it can enliven the party a little bit more. Everybody chooses a particular topic. It can be something like things that cause me to be happy. Everyone writes down their answer on that topic and then tosses it into a hat. Next is you start pulling up items and speculating who scribbled what.

5. Dancing With a Frozen Trick

Want to have everyone up and about? Well, music never fails to do that. Have a little dancing, but insert a frozen trick. The person who fails to freeze immediately when the music has stopped is removed, and so on till there remains one last man/woman standing.

6. Pro Party

Surely, if you truly want to kick the party up a notch, bring your guests to some group games experts that offer this service. There are firms that provide group games as well as team building exercises that offer loads of fun for all!

To learn more, check it out here!

Don’t hesitate to enjoy and try some creative group games. Adults can have fun too at a birthday party just like little kids.

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