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Benefits of Employment in The Netherlands

Over the years the working environment in the Netherlands has truly improved because of the job market that has been seen to be on the rise. Lowest rates of unemployment have been recorded in the Netherlands when compared to other countries in the European Union according to a study that was previously done. The norm in the country has always been to give employment at a really early age. At these early age those fit for employment can start with either doing internships or getting employed in graduate programs that do not require much skills as one starts off. When these programs are fully completed, the employees then get an opportunity to get employment at the same organizations.

Employment in the Netherlands is very advantageous and these benefits will be discussed in here. One of the advantages associated with employment in the Netherlands is that the Dutch law states that workers are required to not work for more than 8 hours in a day. All work minus play makes Jack a dull boy, these is why breaks are very important as they allow people to pause from the work environment and relax before the next work day. It can be very discouraging to work over time or even get over worked, this law protects against such instances.

Having fully paid leave days is the other advantage that employment in the Netherlands offers. The days that one is entitled to during a leave is not restricted but can keep building up during the course of one’s employment. Furthermore, the advantage of working in the Netherlands is that the employer gives an allowance for them. The law also mandates that these allowance be paid completely at least once a year. Annually, the Dutch law states that the allowance leave should be paid in full.

Working environment in the Netherlands is normally very favorable. The other advantage of these working environment is that the workers are all involved in the decision making process of a company and before anything is decided on, people have to truly deliberate on the issue. These meetings also are popular for being informal making the environment calm and less stressed.
The Dutch law has also made it such that an employee who is 23 years or older gets a pay of roughly 1,507 Euros per month. This pay is based on the 8 hour a day working schedule, which translates to 40 hours a week.

The job market has made it possible for foreigners to work in the Netherlands too because of the increase in the job opportunities. The stable economy has been as a result of the rich investment that is made in the country.

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